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Re: Female uke

Ian Williams wrote:
If a training environment is so sexually charged
Ian, I'm sorry my question made you to come to that conclusion. Environment in the dojo is far from that and I really enjoy being there. I'm not very religious person, but to me the closes thing to dojo that I can think of is a temple.

Ian Williams wrote:
come on people! it's the 21st century! get over it..
That's my intention and the reason I started this thread was to find some advices how to overcome that problem in the most effective way.

Greg Jennings wrote:
In life and in aikido, I try to treat each person as an individual rather than generalize them to be a member of some group.
Greg, I know you are a wise man and I appreciate your peaceful and relaxed nature. Maybe one day I'll be close to that state of mind. As for today I will have that in mind as one of my targets.

Troy, Boon. Man I'm so glad I'm not alone. I started to think like I'm some sort of a psycho.

Anyway, probably I'm overreacting since it was the first time having a female partner. Everything is difficult at first, and I guess that's just another training experience
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