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Talking Re: Funny things during class

When I was in Sensei Jim Wallace's Seidokan class back in the '80s, I bought a bokken at a Jade East store in Utica, NY. The first time I bought it to class, afterwards, in the Y's locker room, Sensei Jim asked me if I'd oiled it.

"Oiled it?" I asked. "No." And I thought: Oiled it!? Who said anything about oiling it?

"Yeah," Jim said, holding it up and sighting down the back of it, "if you don't oil them, they tend to--" Then he lowered it and smiled at me. "Never mind!"

Yep, that's right, my bokken is a cheap peice of junk with a lovely warp in it.

Fast foward to 2004, and a kid in the dojo I just joined said, "Nice swords."

"Uh ..... Thanks." I didn't have the heart to tell him.

Maybe not funny, but all I could think of.


Mas Mike
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