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Talking Re: Aikido Light Bulb Jokes...

Drew Ames wrote:
Q: How many Aikiweb bulletin board members does it take to change a light bulb?


Six to argue the various merits of different styles of aikido light bulb changing.

Six to weigh in with stories of what it was like to change light bulbs in their dojos in the '70s under various direct students of O'Sensei.

Three to quote O'Sensei on the nature of light bulb changing.

Four more to argue over those quotes.

One to post a video clip (stolen from an Aiki News tape) of O'Sensei changing a light bulb.

One newbie to ask about the effectiveness of light bulb changing technique outside the dojo.

One to ask why there are no light bulb changing competitions.

Five to try to be clever by making jokes about being "enlightened."

One to ask how to take the ukemi for that.
LOL! But then it hit me .... who changes the light bulb!?
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