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Re: Funny things during class

This is a fresh one. Yesterday we had a sensei visiting us at our dojo. He had to leave before the end of our practice. We don't have desiganted changing rooms, just a big hall where we have our mats in the middle and chairs and tables along the walls. Incidently, we had quite a few new comers training, who were not familiar with the ethiquette of bowing.

So, as one of our regular senseis said 'Now let's thank Sensei for coming here tonight' , everybody turned round to face him (only in boxer shorts by then) ... and started applauding. Noone could hear the voices of tudents and sensei behind what sounded like a massive ovation (there is a lot of echo in the hall) trying to tell them to just bow. Well, the Sensei kept serious face a bowed in responce.
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