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Re: Poll: Which art do you think is more physically effective - judo or aikido?

Michael Neal wrote:
My argument from the beginning has been that the training methods of Judo make it more practical.

add faster to that. Judo training methods make it more practical faster. I think adding randori from the get-go gives it a steeper learning curve. I wish we could do more randori sooner because I think it would help, but there is a trade-off. Judo had to sacrafice some techniques to make it safe for everyday training. Aikido did not. I believe the shodokan guys can only use certain techniques to make sure that it's safe. So in order to train that way, we have to sacrafice techniques. Or everybody can go back to the "hell dojo" days and then nobody would want to train aikido anymore because it would be more dangerous, with broken limbs, fatalities and all. Besides, different people train for different reasons. I think "hell dojo" would be pretty cool, but I'm sure plenty would not.

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