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Re: Talking too much

Question: How do you communicate to an instructor that they talk too much?

How do you communicate that you would rather corrections be to the point and then get back to it?

Too much talking all around. Any pointers on how to lessen it?
I guess everything is relative and self-referenced. "Too much talking" for who? You. Maybe other are getting a lot out of it. Perhaps you are being selfish and need to work on your own acceptance of things as they are and change your attitude rather than expecting the world to be the way you want it to be.

OTOH, talk with your Sensei, explain that you learn best by doing, and ask that they demonstrate with you. Let them know you are having troubles intellectually transferring the talk to your training.

OR, as Sensei is explaining, try to visualize in your mind what they are saying. Let your body move slightly with their description or explanation. See if you can transfer the verbal descriptions into physical sensation.

This is a great learning opportunity on how to enter and blend with what is. Sometimes the verbal explanations will make sense later and make your training better because you understand the concepts.

BTW, I do agree. Even in my own training, at times I talk too much. At other times, I wish I were given more verbal instructions.

Okay, now all of us , back to the mats.

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