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Michael Neal
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Re: Poll: Which art do you think is more physically effective - judo or aikido?

It is amazing that almost every Aikidoka I have talked to brings up some kind of story about an Aikido master who defeated some unknown Judoka and then converted that guy to Aikido. The story is then repeated over and over again.

Usually we have no idea of the Judoka's experience level or the full details of the event itself, I mean a demonstration of a technique can hardly be claimed to be defeat of a Judoka. "Here, grab my wrist" does not equal randori, sparring, or fighting.

They start threads about how they went to a Judo dojo and tossed them around etc. etc. Then they start a poll to show that most Aikidoka think Aikido is more effective etc. etc.

It is then the Judoka who is a jerk for questioning this and offering the opposite
viewpoint. We are supposed to fall in line and say that both arts are the same, even while they constantly try to hint with their stories that Aikido is superior.

While most Aikido is practiced in manner that is much less rigorous than Judo and with alot of cooperation we are supposed to say that does not matter it is only the individual martial artist that matters.

Sorry, I disagree and I am sorry if that hurts people's feelings but I am just being honest. I never said Aikido sucks or is not good, that has never been my argument at all. My argument from the beginning has been that the training methods of Judo make it more practical.

I am not trying to attack anyoone personally here, as Lynn and Peter said above it is different viewpoints that make things interesting.
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