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Re: Talking too much

Depends on the Sensei, really - what his personal teaching style is.
I tend to talk a lot when coaching; to me it's important a student understand why something is happening rather than just what is happening. Of course; there's a line - and I probably cross it frequently - being a teacher is as much a neverending learning process as being a student is.
On the other side; there are teachers that excel in the physical repetition style of instruction; as well as those who don't explain enough. Finding your way as a teacher is an amazingly confusing process.
So; it's not an easy question. As a rank beginner; I was constantly irritated by the long-winded (to me) blather about 'ki-this' and 'ki-that'; but as I started to understand a bit of what was going on; I began to appreciate its importance more.
I also began training with an instructor that is wholly physical in training style - works superbly for him.
So; my advice would be to listen carefully to what's being said - it might be possible it's more important than the technique itself. If that doesn't turn out to be the case; I'd recommend either very respectfully broaching the subject on a one-on-one level; or if that fails possibly looking at alternative dojos.

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