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Re: Talking too much

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
Want less talking and more practice? Find a good dojo.
Want less "hey! look at my obscene level of coolness and silently-try-to-keep-up-if-you're-able" stuff? Find a good dojo.

As a beginner, I dare to say that I absolutely HATE speechless classes/senseis.

I WANT to know the why and the why not of what I'm beginnign to learn.
Aikido is HARD and looks SILLY (expecially some uke actions) at the start to begginers eye, unless you're a talented master who's able to let your students perceive what's behind the bare and basisc form; I'm not able by far to do some techniques properly, but I can perceive their logic with my mind after proper explaining and this makes me anxious to practice/learn them.

A simple "look-and-do" approach makes me feel like an idiot puppy who makes senseless stuff... I would have quit if my master would have been of that sort (and I've meet some of that sort, unfortunately).

This is a highly subjective matter, I fear... no offence intended, take this like the humble opinion of a 10 month practice guy... maybe for yudansha the total silence approach is better; I (6th kyu) prefer a master who explains by words every single step of every single tecnique (openings/atemi/reversal/uke role included) from the very beginning, than a shihan-soke-super-sayan of XXXVIII dan that dances blazingly fast with his 6th dan uke around the mat saying "ehi! look at us and try to do the same in silence".
Extremely cool to look, but damn boring after 2-3 lessons, since I'm not even able to keep foots straight at the start, and quickly realize that you need something completely different if you want to effectively LEARN something and not just sitting in awe drooling on the mat...

Just my 2 eurocents.


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