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Re: Go warrior on Discovery Channel

Ian Williams wrote:
saw the systema and TKD last night.. hyperactive in the annoyingly american jazzy style (apologies to our buddies across the bigpond! I know that must sound hypocritical with "our" Steve Irwin) but when he shuts up with the woahs and likes and narly stuff, the content isn't too bad - good to see some time given to Systema and good to see someone who's too young to remember the cold war giving the "damn ruskies" some respect.

I think it's a direct rip off of the much better (IMO) dead arts program with Joesette
Aikido by Roland in Discovery is better than Jossete's NGC, i fall in love of Yoshinkan action shots while i'm an Aikikai member. I don't belief that Yoshinkan is gentle!

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