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Steve Speicher wrote:
[B It doesn't take perverted masochism to take your training to more arduous levels. It takes spirit. And how can that constitute abuse on the sensei's part???
But keep an open mind about rigorous training, it saddens me that people quickly classify anything uncomfortable as abuse and perverted masochism. Don't be so weak! [/b]
Allow me to quote from the post above:

Toyoda Shihan recalls the pancake-size layers of skin that would come off his knees from kneeling so long on tatami during breathing
training, and the scars many trainees would develop from senior students striking them repeatedly on the back to help them "get the air out"…even after blood had soaked through their clothes
convince me that subjecting your students to somethling like that isn't
a: 'perverted masochisim'
b: doesn't 'constitute aubse on teh sensei's part'
c: shouldn't be classified as abuse insead of just uncomfortable.

Convince me that anything CLOSE to that is necessary in any way in any sort of physical training. That's hardly the same thing as practicing techniques with intensity of mind, doing rolls even though you're tired or anything else that actualy is pushing yourself..

Kelly Christiansen

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