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Re: How to reconcile?

Paula Lydon wrote:
I think I'm focusing on movement/blending and flowing with my partner, they take a shot at me and tell me I'm open....So then I go back to training in a very martial head and someone else says, 'chill, just relax and move; you're acting like you on a battlefield and it's just the dojo'....Hmmmmm...What do you do?
Smack 'em until I get so good that even when I don't, they still can't get me. I think the bottom line in aikido spirituality is first it's gotta work.

Was watching an old video of Saotome doing a demonstration randori about 30 years ago, very martial, much ATEMI. The guy I was watching it with recalled a spontaneous demo Saotome did a couple of years ago in Orlando following DAN testing. His UKE--three big guys, trying to get him--went at him, and he just walked among them unruffled. They looked panicked, and he looked like he was walking in the park. With evidence like that, who needs faith?

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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