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Talking too much

Question: How do you communicate to an instructor that they talk too much?

During class, you can be practicing and the instructor will come along and correct what you are doing. Sensei points out what you did wrong, what to do right and why it is that way. In the process of doing so, so much time goes by that you end up getting to do the technique 3 or maybe 4 times and then that's it. The class moves on to the next thing.

How do you communicate that you would rather corrections be to the point and then get back to it?

And while we are on the subject, lately students are talking during class. Sensei will be demonstrating something and a student will interupt to share a revelation or thought or example. Or worse, those in the back of class will be talking (maybe about aikdo) and not paying attention.

Too much talking all around. Any pointers on how to lessen it?
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