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Peter Seth
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Re: Making good use of our art!

Hi philip,
Ive just visited your site - V good.
I think iv'e trained with sensei Smith in the distant past?
Suzanne McKenna, my contact at Cancer Research UK (Newcastle) is out of the office at the moment but I am sure if you contact the Birmingham Office they could get in touch with her and we could maybe get some initial movement going. (Im going to email suzanne to warn her she may be getting calls from various people). If you could pass the 'challenge' around to any other MArts contacts you may have in the uk, and if they could contact their own local CRuk office and get them to contact either suzanne in Ncastle or even myself on, I would be very grateful.
PS: I also sent an email to your affiliates in Australia, outlining my 'challenge' - awaiting reply.
Do you know a Linus and Phil - dont know their surnames but they are 5th dans Aikido from Bham. nice lads Ive trained with them a few times.
Also, friends of mine - Sensei Eric Lau and students from the Aston University Jujitsu club have taken part in the last 2 charity festival Ive organised in Sunderland. (raised 1500 this year)
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