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Advice for changing styles early on?

Hello everyone,

I've been reading these Forums, but this is my first post. I'd appreciate some feedback on changing dojos/styles, even though I've only been practicing Aikido for about a month.

Right now, I'm practicing a more spiritual/pacifist form of Aikido, the sensei is real cool, and the other students are cool too. The only problem is that the classes are at difficult times for me and the dojo is pretty far.

I have looked up other Aikido dojos in my area, and there are two that look good that are close-by--one is Yoshinkan Aikido and the other is Tomiki/Shodokan, both of which I gather are less spiritual/pacifistic than the form I'm currently learning, but that may give more practical self-defense skills. (I am interested in both practiced self-defense skills AND spiritual growth.)

Any feedback you have on this question would be much appreciated. I can think of 2 questions: (1) How much does Aikido transfer from style to style and dojo to dojo? and (2) Should I stay where I'm at, regardless of the time/distance issues, simply because it's most important that the students likes the sensei & dojo?

Thanks for your time,

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