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Peter Seth
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Re: Making good use of our art!

Hi Philip
if you tell me the area your organisation is in england I will try to put you in contact with your local cancer research uk office. They can then liaise with the Neast office to get info and provide some support. The trick is, if we can get Cancer Research UK interested nationwide, they have a very effective publicity machine which would highlight and publicise what I am trying to organise and hopefully set it on its way big time. The potential is tremendous.
My clubs wbsite is
Keep in touch and if you can pass on the idea to other areas so that as many Cancer research branches are contacted as possible they may integrate the idea through their organisation.
My contact in Newcastle is Suzanne Mckenna, (area fundraising co-ordinator)? I'm sure she would not mind if her colleagues around the uk contacted her, she could then contact me and we would have a completed 'circle' within which we could organise and effectively publicise events, The higher the profile the more funds can be raised, sponsors reached etc.
(Notice how Aikido principle comes into all aspects of life - 'circle').
I'm starting to ramble now.
Keep in touch
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