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Magma wrote:

But just so that we're all clear, I don't care if someone wishes to train that way, I just want them to be honest that what they are doing is sport. My questions don't come from a loathing of competition in aikido, but from a desire to learn what benefits people get from it that I don't get from my normal training. I'm looking for something that will make me want to include the tomiki style tanto randori (or other similar competition events) in my daily/monthly training.
This is quite the paragraph!

It's both an insult and a complement.

On the one hand you say that_it's your WAY or the highWAY_(the Tomiki people are not being "honest" about their aikido being a "sport"), and on the other that you're honestly trying to understand the benefits of Tomiki training, so as to incorporate aspects into your own training.

Bottom line is: no one is willing to bend - too much time invested in their own aikido.


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