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Bryant Pierpont
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Re: Article: Lack of Spirituality by George S. Ledyard

Ledyard Sensei's article is one of the best short articles on this I've ever read. I hope he develops it in future writings. The truth - Aikido has a very spiritual side and this affects everyone's practice - even those who would deny it. This really needs to be developed further.

If it steps on some toes, so be it. To change your karma, you must see it first.

Someone mentioned they would be uncomfortable with a fundamentalist Christian Aikido experience. I don't think I would be...if they were really fundamentalists and not just exclusionary hate merchants. I doubt I'd join the dojo but I'd feel comforable visiting.

Religions that teach love and understanding fit well with Aikido.

On the outdoors issue, I was fortunate enough to visit Doug Hanson Sensei's dojo a few times a few years ago. He took us outside on a riverbank to practice weapons. What a great experience...although my jo technique is so sad ;-)

Thanks for a great article.

Bryant Pierpont

Bryant Pierpont
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