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I don't want to double post but some original questions weren't answered as originally asked by aikidoguy. Since I am looking to possibly purchase a Tozando in the next few days the answers would apply to me also.

1. Anyone know how the begginer's Gi is? I actually have a nice Gi from HCK but am looking for a lighter weight second "traveling" Gi. Yet I still want a certain quality to it (without breaking the bank).

2. What kind of shipping service did you use? UPS Global or EMS?

3. How long did it take to get/ship the order (and to what state are we reffering to)?

4. Last question: How much was the tariffs and shipping total costs???
I would greatly appreciate your time in answering these questions based on your experiences. They are important because I have a summer camp in three weeks and want to know if its feasible to make my purchase from Tozando. Thank You.

Oh, this is also my first post, WhooHoo!
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