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Tomiki and competition

Nice to see Tomiki being talked about. I study under John Waite (7th Dan Tomiki), and have done many styles. Purely personal opinion follows...
I would put it to you that there is competition in Ikebana and o-cha - translation: japanese flower arranging and tea-ceremony!!!!!! Who ever said that competition in Bushido needed to involve proactive violence? When I used to study Shotokan and Tae Kwon Do, both known for their dramatic image, I was judged and competed across teams on the accuracy of technique, and slow Kata, almost to the point of it being tai chi. As stated in one of my previous posts about others being attacked, all we normally need is a little movement in any direction by Uke to be able to execute a technique. Obviously, we could deal with very little, or no movement by Uke if we concentrate on the weak line and perfecting the basic techniques, and thus have competition very near to traditional thinking. A final point - a lot of traditional Aikido techniques involve a huge amount of (circular) movement - this facilitates easy competition....or i've just spent 5 minutes typing tosh???

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