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Re: Stretching/Meridians

Thanks Craig for your reply

"Well the meridian stretching we do in the Ki Society as part of our warm-ups in Aikido classes is known as Makko-ho ."

Yes I should probably correct myself that Makko-ho is what we do. I think, although I could be mistaken that Makko-ho would fall within the general domain of Do-In.

I have found a great deal on this in the literature and on the Internet.

"It's a practice that Tohei Sensei has been doing for decades and appears also in the Tempukai (Tempu Nakamura, founder of Japanese Yoga)."

"also common to kiatsu which is also known as Yuki"

I have Tohei Sensei's book "Kiatsu" and it does address warm-up and meridians for Kiatsu but what I am looking for is the more dynamic stretches such as a movement into a technique where the Nage , instead of throwing the Uke takes him/her into a stretch, and if those work the meridians to promote the flow and alleviate blockages of Ki

Do you discuss meridians in your Dojo?I have only visited a Ki Society Dojo once.


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