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Re: Leave Ki Society for MMA?

That's precisely the reason I ended up at the only all-Aikido dojo in town, despite sort of odd experiences with the Ki Society before. That being said: the aikido we do in the Ki Society dojo is very strong - it's good Aikido, plain and simple (IMHO, of course), and the people are very nice. My main complaint is that there's not enough of it.
You will get no argument from me!!!

I understand the wanting enough of it. Unfortunately (in my world view) there is some variation in opinion among Ki Society teachers in how much time to divide between Ki development and Aikido practice. I take it to heart that the Ki Development is the heart of our practice but I like seeing my students sweat also (trying to keep up with me heh heh heh).

In teaching, I take my cue from the late Iwao Tamura Sensei (9th dan Ki Society) whose classes were always a nice interwoven mix of Ki development and Aikido technique. Little talk - much doing for yourself and a lot of fun. I don't pretend that I am able to do it as well or as effortlessly or as with as much depth of understanding that he did, but it's a goal.

I have heard of Danzan Ryu jujutsu.

best of luck!

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