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Re: Leave Ki Society for MMA?

Did some checking on the Budokai school - it's actually 4 arts, taught concurrently: Jujitsu, Judo, Karate, and Aikido. I still haven't gotten a chance to speak with one of them about what the primary art practiced is. Now that I know they're doing Jujitsu (and it's listed first in the list of arts on all their promotional materials), I'm guessing that's the primary art, and that they're a Kodenkan Danzan Ryu dojo (hence the affiliation w/Jujitsu America), which is fine with me. I'm still fuzzy as to why they're not just calling it a jujitsu dojo, rather than saying that they practice four arts.

Anyway, I'll be working out there next week to see how it is: I'll definitely report back.

Craig: Yes, I'm in the Northwest. I'll talk to the Budokai to find out about the primary art form, and how they practice the arts in conjunction. It just seems logical that practicing four arts at once would either take forever to build any understanding, or that several arts are just glossed over. I'm not really sure I'm ready to practice Aikido only in pieces and parts. That's precisely the reason I ended up at the only all-Aikido dojo in town, despite sort of odd experiences with the Ki Society before. That being said: the aikido we do in the Ki Society dojo is very strong - it's good Aikido, plain and simple (IMHO, of course), and the people are very nice. My main complaint is that there's not enough of it.

Szczepan: That's an interesting suggestion, but not one that I'm ready to take on. Too many home/work/job responsibilities to open my own dojo at the moment. And, the simple fact is, I want to find a good school that feels like a "fit" and train my ass off - I'm tired of jumping from school to school, art to art. I've finally gotten some stability in my work location, so I'm trying to set things up to keep my head down and TRAIN.

Chris: I'll also check out And there's nothing wrong with the Northwest. I love it! These dojos are right in your back yard, though (you're in Eugene, right?). I'm a former Duck (I used to train at the U of O), and still living in state. Also - if MMA isn't the right term, what is? I thought since the dojo practices four arts together, that made it MMA. My mistake.
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