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Re: To block or not to block

Dear phang-san,

Depends; if you are a beginner and just learning, block with a solid stance (steady stance is important at this stage of learning), then proceed to do the technique as shown in the training manual. If you are already an advance student, block or not is irrelevant, irimi, raise arm to uke's face, cut down arm, move 45 degrees like in your shumasu dosa ichi movement (yoshinkan terminology). The important thing is feeling, and mentality, it should feel like a smooth follow through. The feeling of the nage is like floating your uke, while throwing.

If your uke who is much bigger and giving you hard time, what i have done sucessfully was to jump up and using my bodyweight, slam the uke straight down without any backward projection. he he he, but you will get an unhappy uke in return.


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