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O'Sensei's sight

Greetings everyone,

While I was viewing the e-card section with pictures of O'Sensei, I noticed 2 interesting things.

First he almost always looks into some unknown dimension as if he is looking not outside but inside. Very concentrated sight on something either internal or external, but imaginable (not existing in our physical dimension and not smth that you can focus your sight on). I'm not sure if I understand that sight correctly and my apologies if my opinion is incorrect. My first question would be what that sight means? Is that some sort of meditation (kind of dynamic one when you meditate while you live) of high level of concentration on smth and if so on what? I recall from yoga philosophy that meditation is the highest degree of concentration, so maybe my question is not very correct... Anyway, how would you interpret that sight.

Secondly, from the pictures when he work with uke I noticed that he does not look neither at uke nor at his own hands. (As smth close to this I would point to an example of musicians closing their eyes during concert not to be disturbed, but this is I guess smth different). Maybe that's just pictures and not the reality, but if that's true then how would you comment that? I haven't seen many people doing that. In general aikidoka during technique uses his eyes to control his movements.

I would appreciate your comments.
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