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Re: Article: Lack of Spirituality by George S. Ledyard

Damion Lost wrote:
But can this transcendental quality be enhanced by a spiritual belief system? O sensei had his belief in Omote-kyo, for Shioda it was probably the rigors of scientism, and for Tohei it was the teachings of Tempu Nakamura. Does learning and adhering to a cosmological structure aids one development in Aikido? Does it provide a reference for the physical teaching to adhere to like a riverbed carrying water? I will personally say yes, with the stipulation that such beliefs must be carried to the experiential world. One cannot be a simple theorist. They say the difference between a scientist and magician understanding a pool of water is that a scientist will only study, document and exam the water with cold detachment, while a magician during the course of his studies will throw himself into the pool to experience the water. And maybe this is where the study of nature comes in. Maybe by studying nature, we see patterns in the universe that translate to patterns in Aikido.

scientist and magician ? who is "They say..."?

no offense, except this is absolute patent BS.

scientist are hardly cold and detached theorist. we willing jump in the pool too. are you referring to actual magicians like James Randi or Penn&Teller ?
or do you mean mumbo-jumbo BS artists ?

In studying nature, scientists have gotten themselves poisoned, burnt, maimed, killed and murdered. Chemists know a lot of noxious compounds taste, smell and feel because that was how 19th century would categorize newly made compounds - by direct sensory experience.

Having studied what Tempu Nakamura Sensei taught as compared with what Koichi Tohei Sensei teaches. It really comes down to the fact that they are interested much the same things. If you set aside metaphysical versus biomechanical/psychological/cultural discussions regarding conceptualizations of Ki, what you get in both men's practices and exercises is a fairly pragmatic no-nonsense top down approach to maximizing sensorimotor function by an experimental process where the student forms their own internal system. What you don't have is a lot of spiritialism, purple fogs, complex multitheisitic cosmologies, etc
some distortions and misunderstandings notwithstanding.

so please don't drag Shin Shin Toistu Do in to a talk of spiritiality.
It may be used as a tool like the technical movements of Aikido to enhance ones feeling and expression of personal spiritual beliefs
one already has and brings to ones practice, but it itself is by no means
a spiritual/religious system.


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