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Re: Article: Lack of Spirituality by George S. Ledyard

Damion Lost wrote:
So while we don't have to duplicate the exact spiritual journey of the founder, a well thought out system of belief will probably aid us in our journey, and help us interpret what we are learning.

I don't think that O sensei, Shioda sensei or Tohei sensei had "a well thought out system of belief ". They took elements from different sources, and modeled it at their will. i.e. O sensei beliefs were quite different that Omoto system. The same for Tohei sensei and Tempu Nakamura sect.

I prefer to think, one's mind has to reflect pure aikido technique's teaching as water of the lake reflects a moon's light. It is very safe option, cos any system of belief is very tricky for human's mind and will deform O sensei's transmission.


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