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Re: Go warrior on Discovery Channel

David Yap wrote:

The presenter of the "Go Warrior" program is Roland Osbourne. I'm also interested in his MA background. Some weeks ago, the crew was in Malaysia and they got the BJJ, TKD, Aikido, Silat people do a demo to launch the show in Malaysia. Despite the program covering a lot of Yoshinkan style of aikido, the presenter was very opinionated that aikido is a fake martial art in his discussion with the local aikido people. I would like to know his definition of a fake MA.


David Y
I've done a bit of googling, he's apparently top drawer! Started Karate at 11 and was teaching his own classes by 13.,497,00.html

Even better, sorry to sound cynical but

Sensei Roland Osborne is proficient in: Karate, Judo, Aikido, Self Defense, Sport Karate, Kobudo (weaponry)
Specializing in: Tournament competition training, personal development and life skills, special weapon forms and open forms choreography, plyometrics for martial arts and Creating Champions For The Game Of Life

Although it neglects to mention when, where or how long he studied the art

Found this on e-budo in the Bad Budo section

"For those who are paid instructors with Casamassa's Red Dragon studios, their paycheck is based on how much they sell, not on how well they teach.

"Our instructors must be business people," says Lou Casamassa of Los Angeles, California. "No sale, no pay. Also, the more they sell the higher commission they receive. Commission levels begin
at fifteen percent. Once they reach the thirty five percent level, it's time for them to leave and open a studio of their own." We at Red Dragon either turnkey their operation or they open it with their own investment."

I couldn't find much on e-budo, but anyone who calls themselves Shihan Sensei is a prime candidate.

I could probably have constructed this post better, but was pasting in info as I found it.

Hey ho!

I think I'll carry on watching the program to see what he says, specifically about Aikido, but will take his comments with a pinch of salt. It's a shame that many of the populace that watch this may not be so informed about our hero.



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