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David Yap
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Re: Go warrior on Discovery Channel

Bryan Bateman wrote:
I watched this on Friday, it was quite interesting. Unfortunately, I missed the first couple of minutes, so didn't get a bio on the guy presenting, I have no idea what his martial arts background is, if any?

Friday's episode was set in Brazil mixing with the Gracie's. It was excellent to see Helio Gracie still rolling around the mat at 91 years old, very impressive.



The presenter of the "Go Warrior" program is Roland Osbourne. I'm also interested in his MA background. Some weeks ago, the crew was in Malaysia and they got the BJJ, TKD, Aikido, Silat people do a demo to launch the show in Malaysia. Despite the program covering a lot of Yoshinkan style of aikido, the presenter was very opinionated that aikido is a fake martial art in his discussion with the local aikido people. I would like to know his definition of a fake MA.


David Y
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