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Unrealistic demand of aikido: part 2

Aikido is a comprehensive art, the syllables contain in its study encompasses reply to virtually every possible form of aggression.

Whereas striking and kicking are very apparent in its employment, certain aikido techniques are very subtle, and can only be known through feeling it. This is where aikido peculiarity and idiosyncrasies comes in. A spectator, or a book reading person on aikido can never fully grasp aikido. It is only illuminated through personal feeling of the art. This is again only applicable when one has a technically sound instructor.

Let's take kotegaeshi for example, any students, know that it is a inward wrist twist. However to be always effective, one must also adapt the technique to the various opponents. What if your opponent has very strong wrist, does one know what to do then, at that moment? Without such length of time in practice, the new students would most probably give up, or apply strength, which then is not aikido.

There is a big different in knowing the form and the essence/principle. Any newbie can copy the outer form (the kata). It takes the aforementioned number of years of constant practice to grasp the fundamentals (to have feeling of the technique).Then it takes probably up to sandan grade to know the technical repertoire to utilise aikido effectively in combat.

Having said the above, that is why IMO, aikido practitioner can only CONSISTENTLY be an effective combatant after a probably 15 years of regular practice and also has achieve a sandan technical proficiency. Anyone who wants a very quick to learn and effective martial art should choose something like ving tsun or kick boxing.

Just my $ 0.02 thought,

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