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Michael Neal
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Re: When to introduce breakfalls

I never understood why breakfalls were not taught earlier on in Aikido. Just trying to learn them as you go can be dangerous and develop phobias in people about taking falls. I saw a few injuries in Aikido because of this phobia, people start sticking their arms out to brace themselves and stuff.

It also keeps people from wanting to learn koshinage. Rather than having separate classes for Ukemi I think it is a good idea to borrow from the Judo class structure and integrate breakfall practice consistently into the warmup session.

This is also a good example of one of the faults I see with how Aikido is sometimes practiced. There is too much emphasis on doing things in a traditional manner rather than being practical. There needs to be some evolution. The way O' Sensei did it is not necessarily the best way for most other people to learn it.

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