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Fred Little
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Re: lightweight hakama

Greg Jennings wrote:
You might also try wearing a pair of loose sweat shorts or a pair of cut off zubon under your hakama. It makes things a lot cooler.

The lightweight tetron hakama from or are pretty lightweight and are easy to take care of.

Personally, I hate synthetics. But the white tape line offered by Mugendo Budogu (same cited by Greg Jennings) is 100% cotton and suits me just fine for summer wear. Wash cold and dry flat, or buy a bit larger than you want, to allow for shrinkage.

Then....get yourself one of Mugendo's white single-weave kendo-style keiko-gi (with one slit down the back instead of two at the sides and a good measure of extra length in the jacket) and there's no need to worry about the sweat shorts or zubon, since the jacket will hang considerably lower than a standare karate or judo gi -- about a hands width or less above the knee. That's generally enough coverage for reasonably modest kneeling and folding the hakama before you change clothes. Or you could change your clothes and then fold.

Add a little toy towel for brow-mopping and you're all set.


Fred Little
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