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Re: When to introduce breakfalls

I guess I was a little bit out of topic in my last reply...

Mary Kuhner wrote:
What actually happens is that the sempai quietly teach them to the kohei when they express an interest. It means, though, that I don't have names for the ones I know, nor do I have a clear idea how to teach them. I think more formal attention would be a good thing.
That was exactly what happened to me couple days before. I was not officially introduced to breakfalls so far by my teacher, but one of senior students helped me to feel what it's about on a soft mat after I finished practicing my forward rolls and that was amazing. I did not have any problem with them partially because I like to jump in a similar way into the pool and partially because the guy who was helping me was very supportive. I'm not sure if I like them on harder mat though.

I'm pretty sure senior guys has been taught the breakfalls since they often do them and the guy who showed me knew how to teach it and I'm going to ask my teacher when he plans to teach me that (I hope he will not interpret that as an impatience).

I suspect the reason I was not taught it yet is that I don't need them so far. When I'm uke, the person who works with me is usually a black belt and knows how not to harm me. Therefore I usually finish in a forward roll or land w/o any pain.
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