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Re: The Telescope

Who is an expert in True Defense?

I like your definition: "the protection of the entire person - the mind, body and spirit. In other words; True Defense is the ability of a person to live in peace; free of fear." But most of the people I know who live peacefully are not experts at winning fights, and most experts at winning fights are (pretty much by definition) not living very peacefully.

My understanding of the human condition is that being free from fear has little to do with actually being safe. It just means being free from fear. In other words, it has nothing to do with whether you can be killed in a fight, but rather whether you are *afraid of* being killed in a fight. I imagine fighting experts are probably people for whom fear of losing a fight has shaped their whole lives.

And that's why we practice an art, rather than a system of defense. If you're not getting enough peace from your training, and if peace is what you're looking for, try a spiritual master. If you just want to fight, forget anything with "do" at the end of it.
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