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Michael Neal
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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

I think what you want to express is that most judo clubs/dojo are recreational. They aren't hard-core clubs like SJSU, the OTC or Tokai. And a recreational judo club isn't all that dissimilar from an aikido dojo in effectiveness.
I would even take issue with that, my school is not very hard core we are recreational but we do compete in tournaments. Some of our members have even competed nationally and internationally. We are definately not anything near SJSU but I am confident that most Aikidoka would have serious problems sparring with our Judoka.

Maybe he can make that claim with Judo clubs that do not do any competition and who are more "self defense" oriented like Mr. Jimerfield's dojo I mentioned above but thats all I will give him.
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