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Michael Neal
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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

So if an Aikidoka who has under 10 hrs. of official Judo instruction can be that effective using Aikido against a resisting Judoka who has been training for years, then (1) It don't take much to shut down some experienced judoka in tachi waza after all, if you know Aikido or (2) Save for resistance randori (which may not be as uncommon as one may think) the average effectiveness gap between the 2 arts is not as great as being indicated.
I am sure a Nidan Aikidoka can go throw around some low ranking Judoka or maybe some guys that practice a non competitive form of Judo in the back of some Tae Kwon Do Academy. But a Judo competitor who trains most of his time doing full randori will mop the floor with most Aikidoka. An Aikidoka that trains randori regularly will come closer to being a match to the Judoka because they are using similar training methods, however I still would place my money on the Judoka.

agree with you, in tachi waza Judo cannot compare if one understands how to use Aiki and timing. I think even Kano saw this
LOL, really? So why did Kano not give up Judo and start taking Aikido?

At the end of it we had a little scrap session and the Judo folks found out a few things as well-
And what was this supposed to mean? Are you trying to say you and your Aikido students whipped up on the Judoka?

I also did a little research on Steven Jimerfield, the 7th Dan who's school you visited. He is a member of the United States Martial Arts Association . His school does not appear to be part of any Judo governing body sanctioned by the International Judo Federation.

For those who do not know, the United States Martial Arts Association is a break off organization from the United States Judo Association. It is run By Phil Porter who refers to himself as the O' Sensei of Judo, I kid you not. He basically left the office of President of the USJA in scandel for basically running the organization financially into the ground and also by issuing rank in return for political support. His schools are generally thought to be subpar because of the lack of standards being enforced on them. I have no idea whether Mr. Jimerfield is completely legit or not, he may a fine Judoka and so could some other Judoka under the USMA but there is a credibility issue there that can't be ignored.

I also visited Mr. Jimerfield's website and it appears he teaches Judo from a purely "self-defense" perspective for law enforcement and such, there is no mentioned of any competition and given the fact that he is not affiliated with any official Judo organization his students could not legally participate in sanctioned Judo events, so there is really no competion for his students.

To me tthis answers alot of question why you were able to handle these Judoka.
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