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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Larry Camejo wrote:
It don't take much to shut down some experienced judoka in tachi waza after all, if you know Aikido or (2) Save for resistance randori (which may not be as uncommon as one may think) the average effectiveness gap between the 2 arts is not as great as being indicated.

I hope you don't mind me jumping here, but I think you'll need to express these two points differently to have a meaningful discussion with Michael.

"Shutting down" technique is anathema to judo randori. Anyone can prevent technique by running away...hence penalties in shiai for such behavior.

I think what you want to express is that aikido allowed you to not be thrown while engaged in and participating in judo randori. (Maybe something like, "I was able to use tai sabiki to thwart throws and create opening")

As for your second point I fear that the way it is stated will cause Michael to turn around and reply that:
a) randori is training --- so "wins" mean nothing
b) the level of players you randori'ed with wasn't particularly high

..and then the accusations are really going to start flying.

I think what you want to express is that most judo clubs/dojo are recreational. They aren't hard-core clubs like SJSU, the OTC or Tokai. And a recreational judo club isn't all that dissimilar from an aikido dojo in effectiveness.

I hope I've not put words into your mouth.


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