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Re: Making good use of our art!

Hi Peter,

Wow -- interestingly enough, this is pretty much along the very same lines of something I was thinking of organizing through AikiWeb! I just hadn't gotten around to presenting it yet.

I guess I'm getting older in my life that just in the span of about five years, I've lost two good friends in aikido to cancer and am also faced with another friend outside of aikido with the disease.

Things I was thinking of include:

* The nature of the event
* The group/center to which to donate
* How to collect and send in the donation amount

My basic thought was to have individual dojo set up their own event to raise funds for cancer research. This could be something like a one-day seminar with, say, a suggested donation of $20 per person (or whatever seems appropriate) or something like an "ukemi-thon" where a single individual or a group of individuals get sponsored for, say, a dime a roll or somesuch taken within a certain amount of time (eg fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, one hour).

I'm not very cognizant of reputable cancer research groups that could benefit the most number of people out there. I know that some are more focused on prevention whereas others are focused on treatment. At this point, I do not have any preference on either, but if people out there have more knowledge on this subject, I'd appreciate it.

Anyone else have any more thoughts on this matter?


-- Jun

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