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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

What was interesting was that a lot of things he showed to make Judo techniques more energy and movement efficient came directly out of Aikido
No it did not come directly from Aikido it came from Jujutsu from which both Judo and Aikido were derived. Of course there are simularities on movement and off balancing but the randori that Judoka do makes them better at doing kuzushi against resisting opponents.

In my early Judo days, what had hampered me the most was my mindset from Aikido training that one was supposed to be cooperative
This one of those important details that was left out of the previous story that sheds light on what happened, you have previous Judo training.

but it does not mean that there are not things that one can't apply from Aikido in a modified form that will be almost as effective as if the aikidoka had trained in judo to a certain degree
I disagree, "almost as effective" is being too generous.

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