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Peter Seth
Dojo: Zanshin. Sunderland University
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Smile Making good use of our art!

Hi everyone. My Name is Peter Seth
I would like to initiate some positive action, which we all could participate in to create a major impact against a terrible disease. Also to bring various martial arts/artists together, (Without any childish politics) to 'harmonise' as a martial arts 'family' for all the reasons I'm sure O'sensei would wish for.
What are your views? Would you like to organise similar events? etc. This could be an opportunity to become a worldwide force to help defeat CANCER and also promote Martial Arts in the light it deserves.
Anyone want any more info please contact me.
It does work! - I/we have had 4 very successful events which everyone has thoroughly enjoyed, made many friends across the arts and raised thousands of pounds for Cancer Research.

Anyway, as advised I have copied this next bit from my introduction to this website.

Just to introduce myself. hope to have many interesting discussions, make new connections and friends in the Aiki world.
Background - Age: nearly too old!
Experience - Over 40 years various arts, last 25+aikido.
Club: Sunderland (North East England) University Aikido (Zanshin) Club. (Founder and Senior coach).
Grade: Aikido - Sandan.
Other arts - Various.
Organisations/affiliations. - Kobukan Aikido Association (Senior coach - British Aikido Board/Sports Council approved).
White Rose Aikido Association.

Interests - Many and varied. Written 2 books as yet unpublished (Can't afford it).
'The First Steps' (Illustrated/Photo's guide to Yellow Belt).
'The Far Between' (A book of questions? - about life, M Arts and any thoughts which popped into my head).
Started third - working title 'A bit of a whinge'.

Founder and organiser of The Sunderland International Festival of Martial Arts - An annual event primarily to raise funds for Cancer Research UK, (All proceeds to Cancer Research UK). but also to raise public awareness and interest in Martial Arts. Various Arts take part in a day long demonstration of their arts, has included world champions, masters, very senior exponents of the arts both national and international. Also members young and old of the clubs and organisations take part, this year ages ranged from 6 years to 84 years old. (All participants freely give their time and expertise to take part) reflecting the natural generosity of spirit which can be found in all true martial artists.

My aim/wish is to duplicate this type of event, initially nationally (UK) and eventually world wide to raise funds for Cancer Research and interest /awareness in the Martial Arts.

NB: One in three people in the UK have/will be affected in some way by cancer. It has overtaken heart attacks/strokes to become the biggest killer in the UK!!

Anyone interested please contact me and I can give you info on organising events, insurance etc.

Very interested in views on O'sensei's conception, interpretation and vision for Aikido?

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