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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Larry Camejo wrote:
Bateman: If you looked at the context of my post, I was replying to something that Michael said specifically about the training practices of Shodokan, my post was merely to qualify, not indicate that other styles didn't use kuzushi.

Also, I believe when Michael says randori he is implicitly referring to resistance randori, which is not what you are referring to in your post. In my experience, most folks from other schools catch sheer hell with Shodokan resistance randori, which is still Aikido. Michael's point is because of the absence of this sort of training in many other styles, it removes and edge that one may have against a Judoka.
Hi Larry,

You can call me Bryan . I appreciate that the randori in judo is different, what I said was that if you are going to practice Aikido against Judo, you need to use the Aikido principles. If you are going to enter the Judo world and play the judo game, you've given up your ma ai straight away, entering into resistance also means that you have given up the Aiki principle of harmonising with your opponent, therefore, you are no longer doing Aikido.

At this point I agree that you will most likely become the victim.



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