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Re: small circle?

Paul Sanderson-Cimino wrote:
Uh, is it wrong of me to (as a knee-jerk reaction) balk at those qualifications? 10th dan jujitsu? And he managed to find time to become 6th dan judo as well? And start his own style(s)? I'm about as skeptical as I am of the guy who's "10th Dan Fo-ni-ryu Ninjutsu."

Dunno what it says about his fighting prowess. Hell, the man is a smidgen shy of a 90 years old.

Having said that, back in the olden days(tm), folks would train judo and jujitsu side by side. IIRC judo was the "sporting" aspect of JJJ.

The kodokan was quite strict back then, so that advancements beyond a certain dan grade meant studying in japan. Some folks decided against this, forming their own jujitsu organization ... etc etc etc.. you know how this story goes.

IIRC - maybe I got it wrong.

Anyway, some of the big names in judo has spoken highly of Wally. That's gotta account for something.


Take it all with a grain of salt.
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