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Re: small circle?

Jorgen Matsi wrote:
His knock stuff is 100% hitting the carotid sinus which is not mystical as he claims it nor does it require another "points" to be "opnened" before...
Dillman didn't invent the pressure point strikes (locations or application). These are intinsic to most chinese and japanese martial arts, including aikido. Knock-outs can be done with many areas of the body other than the carotid sinus. For example, examine ikkyo - pericardium 6 (wrist) and just above back of elbow; wrist and kaiten-nage (back of head). Of course some are to the carotid sinus e.g. shiho-nage; pericardium 6 (wrist) and carotid sinus. Many of the aikido techniques also expose the gall bladder meridian.

I know some of this stuff is hard to believe, and can be difficult to strike in fast paced combat, but this stuff was certainly used in real life and death fights in the past. Ueshiba is known to have employed many pressure point strikes for knock-outs (and other injuries!). Also you'll often see Ueshiba on video using single knuckles in atemi. Just because we don't focus on pressure point strikes much in aikido, doesn't mean that they aren't instrinsic within it.

P.S. I agree it is not 'mystical', but the meridian concepts are an easy model for explaining the results, even if it does not relate well to science; just like ki.
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