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Re: Creativity

Good lord man, what a question.

Even as beginners walking through the door we should be creative, precisely when at the same time we should set aside all preconceived notions to be ready to receive.

As teachers, creativity takes on, like, seven new mantles:

Do we teach as we were taught? If so, precisely why?

If we have misgivings about the way we were taught, are they the products of the teaching method, or of us ourselves? And in what proportions?

Should we try to improve on the way in which we were taught, to make instruction more efficient?

Should we incorporate exercises which, though not in any established curriculum, bring out aspects of aikido not usually taught in drill form?

It is self-evident that creativity is in itself a good, as long as it is reined in with the criterion of efficient and right teaching. But given that (albeit nebulous) criterion, all creative hell breaks loose. The best teachers are Michelangelos in their way.
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