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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Michael Neal wrote:
I definatley think that is because of your year of Judo and 2 years of BJJ. I am sure that you Aikido helps some here but if you just had Aikido training I am sure your Dad would toss you pretty easily.

Aikido does help some in Judo, you are certainly better off than someone who has no type of grappling experience at all. When I first started Judo I was able to get some Aikido techniques to work on other students at my same experience level in Judo. But there was no way of getting it to work on a Judoka with more than 6 months of experience.

I think you all have to take another thing into consideration about walking into a Judo dojo and training. A Judo dojo is a learning environment, it is not a competition. During randori we try new things and take risks we would not do in Shiai.

When we train with beginners we let them throw us so they can learn. There are different levels of randori, whe I train with black and brown belts I go 100%, when I train with new white belts I go about 40%- 50%, my own level I go about 60-75%. So if you throw someone in Judo class there are plenty of reasons why it might have happened other than Aikido being effective againt Judo.

If you really want to honestly test your Aikido skills go to the Judo dojo and tell them you think you can kick their asses and want a match with one of them, I am betting that this will not happen though
Okay, I'll be the first to admit nothing is Aikido works...the past six months has been a complete waste of time and I shouldnt give any credit to Aikido to helping me unterstand body movement. I should only give credit to BJJ and Judo.
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