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Michael Neal
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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Of course this won't happen Mark but my point is that if you are going to a Judo school to test your Aikido skills against an unsuspecting Judoka you are kind of being a jerk and also being dishonest about the results of such sparring.

It would be just as wrong for me to go to an Aikido dojo and then when we are practing all of a sudden throw my partner down on the ground and start choking and pinning him with newaza. Do see how it might be a little disrespectful for an Aikidoka to start applying joint locks and such during Judo randori when his partner may just be doing a little light sparring. The judoka is participating in the randori under the impression the sparring is governed by the rules of Judo competition, and he is likely taking it easy on the beginner as well. For an Aikidoka then to pull some Aikido move out of his hat and then declare this Aikido to be an effective technique against Judoka is pretty much a lie.

This why I say if you want to honestly test your skills against a Judoka you must first challenge him to match and fight under a different set of ground rules you agree to. But to go there and pull off sneaky moves that are against the rules and then claim your Aikido works against Judo is really pathetic.

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