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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

I have about a year of Judo experience and about two of BJJ. I had basically tried to skip around in martial arts until I found one I loved. I love Aikido. Now for your comparison of Judo vs. Aikido. I think there are definitely weaknesses in Judo technique and Aikido technique. This weakness is lack of perfection in technique and timing. This is our failure, not the fault of the arts we train in.

But, my dad is a blue belt in Judo and he cannot throw me with anything he learned. Why is that? Simply, because I know everything that is coming. Suprise is a HUGE factor in a successful technique, and I am more centered now than I ever have been. IMO, train in both arts if you want because they both have a lot to offer. In fact, I'm thinking about training in BJJ again along with Aikido.
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