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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

My $0.03

This is almost a silly argument. You're going to outperform someone at something they specialize in, by *not* training in it? No - you're not.

Aikidoka vs judoka at judo / wrasslin? Aikidoka loses 99% of the time.


aikidoka vs judoka at something else...?

Look - if a judoka is able to impose his game upon you, 99.9% it's over. (And more often than not, they can. Judo ma-ai is seems much more... "natural"? for scrapping. Judo maai "just happens" in RL. Aikido ma-ai / techniques aren't as 'natural' IMHO )

Here's a little something. It may not be applicable * , but I'll "throw" it (aha ha ha) out there.

I study judo, but I'm terrible, terrible at it. Yet when I feel like it, I have zero trouble taking my opponents to the mat, or countering their throws. It's ugly by judo standards, but I can do this because I've studied wrestling, BJJ, aikido, jujitsu and judo.

IOW - while they play judo, I play bob-jitsu. And, as it turns out, I'm fairly decent at bob-jitsu ;-) Why, you could even say that it was "my thang".

Who knows - maybe other folk grok-ed onto what it took me five arts to figure out? I don't know - most anything is possible.

Can't say I've beaten any black belts though ;-) In fact one soundly kicked my butt a few weeks ago by going at about 15% speed and strength. Real...aikidoish.

(* the reason I said that this might not be applicable is because the main art I study (1) Does "live randori" in similar spirit to judo (2)IMHO "live randori" against non compliant opposition, at clinch range is the biggest piece of this puzzle. You do that and it doesn't matter if you study Mongolian pimp wrassling. You'll still be able to give a good showing for yourself)
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