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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Larry Camejo wrote:
In Shodokan Aikido though we don't actually do Judo tecnique but use the same principles of kuzushi, timing etc. to execute Aikido technique.
That`s not limited to Shodokan Larry, Kuzushi and timing are fundamental to all Aikido techniques, regardless of style .

Michael Neal wrote:
No I think it is pretty accurate given the fact that most Aikidoka do no randori training whatsoever and the ones that do spend little time with it, with the exception of Tomiki Aikido.
Where on earth are the facts to back that up? We may not focus on randori in the same way as Tomiki Aikido, but I`ve been in pleanty of dojo`s that practice randori. In our association, the shodan tests end with a 3 minute 2 onto 1 anything goes (the numbers increase with the Dan level), the person testing has to be standing at the end. You don`t do this straight off the bat for the first time on the night and stay up. Whilst this may not fit the judo or Tomiki templates for randori, it`s still randori, and the same Aikido principles should be applied if the template changed. I`m sure that if it went to ne waza, we`d be toast, that `s pretty accurate given that nearly all Aikido dojo`s do no ne waza practice what so ever . However, the aikidoka would be aiming to stay on his feet, and that doesn`t necessarily mean running away to do so. If he stays up and keeps his ma ai, the percentage odds (assuming he has as much experience in Aikido as the judoka has in Judo) give him a better chance than 0.1%.



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