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Re: making the 1st move

Maputosimon wrote:
So, what do you do when someone isn't attacking you but someone else?

-- Jun
If attack is directed towards someone else
firstly, we would think about whether we would really want to get involved. Vigilanteism doesn't quite equate with inner peace & harmony with the Universe as aspired by traditional schools.[/b]
My question was in response to someone saying that their teacher said that "if we have to wait for the attacker, might as well just walk away." I can't say I was advocating vigilantism with my question but was wondering what people would do, say, if your young son, daughter, or any other such loved one were being attacked.

Even if someone else weren't being attacked, there's something to be said, I believe, about being able to draw out the attack if necessary. Sen no sen, sen sen no sen, and all that.

Also, Maputosimon, please be sure to sign your posts with your real name as it is a Forum rule. Thank you.

-- Jun

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